PhoenixMart Rumors and Other Casa Grande Projects

Is PhoenixMart Advancing?

According to Mayor Bob Jackson, the only hold up for this project is the processing time for an EB-5 application. When the project began, the processing time through Washington was only 2 months. It is now 8 months to get through the process which has added 6 months of a delay. Ground breaking is now planned to take place by the end of 2013 with an estimated opening day in February of 2014.

Watch the video below for Mayor Jackson’s May 18, 2012 update on project to open in 2014.
  • PhoenixMart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Ritchie Brother’s International Heavy Equipment

Also find out about the renovation of the downtown library, dispatch center, $3.5 million reconstruction of Downtown Florence Street and development of the Community Recreation Center as well as the Downtown cleanup of the junkyards just south of the railroad tracks.

Is Casa Grande positioning itself to be an international marketplace?

Is the project just a bunch of PhoenixMart rumors? Follow these Updates - January 2012May 2012October 2012April 2013 Search Homes For Sale In Casa Grande, AZ.


  1. Jennifer Srock says

    A recent change in the government program that is funding the project was the biggest issue. Gotta love the government.

    Although it was not mentioned by Mayor Jackson, I also heard that there were some delays with ADOT and some of the infrastructure for the project as well which is out of the developers control but, just part of the process. It’s pretty common for big projects like this to have delays. All we can do is see how it plays out and keep up with the news as it comes. I’m sorry if this post caused you any confusion about the recent Phoenix Mart update.

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